Live Traditional Sketches (for events)
Traditional sketches are drawn by hand and inked with markers and/or pencils.
• $150 per hour for the first hour
• $100 per hour for every subsequent hour
• Color or Black & White
• Booking minimum of 3 hours


Prints are done by hand with markers, then colored on a digital platform, and printed on sturdy acid-free paper. Prints are copies of my illustrations and are readily available in single pieces or in bulk orders. Each print is personally signed and placed in a clear protective cover. Prints are available in various sizes:

5 x 7 inches - $18.00
8.5 x 11 inches - $30.00
11 x 14 inches - $40.00


Commission Illustrations (Exclusive Pieces)
Commission illustrations are exclusive and original pieces illustrated just for you or your brand. There will be no copies of them anywhere in my shop and are not available to other buyers. Depending on the subject, size, monotone or color, custom art pieces will range in pricing. Prices start at $250 for personalized pieces.

5 x 7 inches - $18.00
8.5 x 11 inches - $30.00
11 x 14 inches - $40.00



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