Amour Rose Illustration is pleased to share these wonderful words of appreciation from patrons and art collectors.


Portrait & Scenic Photographer, Vancouver BC
"Rose's work is of top quality and her love of her subject and her skill are evident in every picture."

Gary Wong Realty
Award Winning REALTOR®, Author of The Book on Vancouver Real Estate
"Rose is a talented illustration artist. The work that she does on multiple social media platforms is impressive. She has a keen eye on detail and she has developed her craft over many years and I can say she is an experienced creative professional."

Kendall Buster
Sculpture Artist
"Rose is an artist who brings a sensitive eye to her designs, drawings, online platforms, and photographic works. Her precise hand, careful attention to detail, and delicate palette are trademarks of her unique artistic vision. Her stunning work celebrates a love for creative fashion, gorgeously prepared and presented foods, and the joys of living a life that embraces the absolutely necessity of beauty!"

Nata De Coco Photography
"Rose is wonderfully creative and has consistent attention to detail and professionalism. She has an interesting ability to convert a real life scenario into a lovely hand-drawn illustration with simplicity and charm."

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